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Matt Damon is in hot water with a couple of Jens for two very different reasons.

Actually, he’s in hot water with one and the other one is pining away for him even though she has a husband and child. Allow us to explain:

Jennifer Love Hewitt got married and gave birth in the same month last year, but prior to that, the 35-year-old actress was notoriously unlucky in love.

Back in the 90s, she apparently had her sights set on a then up-and-coming Matt Damon, and sent him what may be the biggest "stage 5 clinger" gift of all time:

Jennifer Love-Hewitt Sent a Bed to Matt Damon

Yes, J-Love sent him a freakin’ bed. She claims it was a platonic gesture, and to her credit, she  now admits that it was a crazy thing to do. Even so, we’re not terribly shocked that he never responded. As for the other Jen:


Jennifer Garner – as you likely know – is the wife of actor, director, and "guy you kinda wanna punch but you’re not sure why," Ben Affleck.

Garner has a history of ruining Affleck’s friendships, and even though the world loves the Ben Affleck-Matt Damon bromance, she’s still reportedly intent on dismantling it. 

Garner is said to be fuming mad at Damon for skipping the premiere of Ben’s new film Gone Girl, in order to attend George Clooney’s wedding.

Some outlets are even reporting that Garner has forbidden Affleck from having any contact with Damon.

Gone Girl, if you don’t know, is the story of a man driven to desperate action after his shrill harpy of a wife pushes him too far.

So yeah, the part of Nick Dunne obviously allowed Affleck to fulfill a longtime fantasy, unlike that Bruce Wayne role that he just took for the paycheck.