Face Off Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: No Clowning Around

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Syfy's Face Off Season 7 Episode 9 featured the show's contestants confronting their worst nightmares ... and you don't even wanna KNOW what those were.

Okay, you probably do. Along with how that went. So here goes ...

The entire episode was a giant Killer Clown House Challenge, and given that every human being alive finds clowns creepy or horrifying ... well handled, Face Off!

The Face Off house, despite seeming cavernous from the outside, only has one bedroom, where people all sleep together except when awoken by terrifying laughter.

It's pretty bad. Which is exactly the point, but still. Pretty bad.

McKenzie tells the contestants that they will be creating evil clowns based on their childhood fears. The models, as clowns, will then perform as said fears.

Everyone begins to decorate clowns based on the following:

  • Cockroaches (Rachael)
  • Dark water (Cig)
  • Tornadoes (Dina)
  • Monsters under the bed (Stella)
  • Old dolls (Sasha)
  • Spiders (Drew, Damien)
  • Worms (George)

If you watch Face Off online, you know the fun has only begun. Fun in a manner of speaking, of course. Who would actually find this fun? No one we know.

Anyway, after the clowns performed, Sasha was the winner for the best look, while Dina and Cig also came out on top. Drew and Damien had the worst.

Damien is this eliminated from the Face Off house.

His concept was alright, but his execution was not getting it done, and as the old saying goes, that is half the battle when creating an insane spider clown posse.

Alas, we bid farewell to Damien, who will likely have nightmares about this challenge and possibly his entire stint on the show now. But it was so worth it.

The biggest question of this episode: What if someone’s childhood fear had been actual clowns? Would they have just bolted the house on the spot?

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