Sports Anchor Drops 23 Robin Williams References in Amazing 2-Minute Tribute

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Robin Williams tragically committed suicide on Monday morning and, also tragically, some of the reaction to that event has made us question our faith in humanity.

Take Todd Bridges and Shephard Smith, both of whom referred to Williams as a selfish coward.

Or take any number of anonymous Internet trolls, who actually forced Zelda Williams to quit social media because they are such terrible human beings.

Fortunately, there have also been a number of positive tributes to Williams, such as this one from Jimmy Fallon - and also the following subtle one by sports anchor Zach Klein, who rattles off TWENTY-THREE references to Williams and his movies in a two-minute segment.

Can you catch each one?

Pretty creative and impressive, right?

We continue to keep the friends and family members of Robin Williams in our thoughts.

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