Kaley Cuoco Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Laughs Throughout, Advocates Pet Hydration

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Kaley Cuoco joins a host of celebrities and regular folks alike who have taken the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and money for ALS research.

Unlike Charlie Sheen's Ice Bucket Challenge with a twist, Kaley used plain old ice water, but a great deal of it, and she was wearing a tank top, so ... win-win.

Sorry guys, she's taken. She's Kaley Cuoco Sweeting now.

When she wasn't having water dumped on her, Kaley also took the time out to advocate for her beloved pets and making sure they stay hydrated.

“It’s extremely hot outside! Keep your pets hydrated, send them through the sprinklers, or hose em down! And please NEVER leave ur furry friends in the car!!!

Fans of the adorable actress know she loves her dogs almost as much as she does husband Ryan (if not equally so), so she takes this very seriously.

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