17 Hottest Girls on Instagram: Why Aren't You Following Them?!

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Sure, it's the Kendalls, and Kylies, and Nickis, and Mileys that get all the followers, but who are the diamonds in the rough in the social media world?

Who are the girls that post semi-nude selfies, not to boost their careers or end up on celebrity gossip blogs but just because they believe the world deserves boobs?

Well, it wasn't easy, but after many hours of secluded research, we managed to narrow down a list of 17 of the hottest non-celeb women on Instagram.

As you may already be know, there are millions of hot women online. Judging from his page, many of them are apparently held captive in Dan Bilzerian's basement.

(If you haven't been to Bilzerian's Instagram page, put it on your bucket list.)

But rest assured, other HIGs (Hot Instagram Girls) still roam free.

Little is known about the species other than the fact that they're drawn to water (they're photographed almost exclusively on the beach) and they require "likes" to live the way you and I need food.

So jump into the gallery above to check out some of the finest talent IG has to offer. And don't worry - this list has been screened for your protection.

No barely legal Kendall Jenner nudity here. At THG, we believe you should be able to scroll through a gallery of half-naked strangers without fear of ending up on some watch list.

You're welcome, America.

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