Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: The Browns Tell All

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Kody Brown and his many spouses revealed behind-the-scenes secrets on the mid-season tell-all installment that was Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 9.

If you watch Sister Wives online, you know that while unconventional, the plural marriage-loving group is bonded by true love and mutual compassion.

There is always drama right around the corner, however, as we saw last night when Christine Brown stormed off the stage in the middle of an interview.

Don't get us wrong, this isn't The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion brawling or New Jersey table-flipping insanity we're talking about here.

She made a polite request to leave, basically, and that was about it.

We don't even know for sure what caused it, although it was insinuated via a voiceover that Robyn's plans for pregnancy may be upsetting Christine.

Robyn insisted that no questions about more kids be asked. That clearly tells you how sensitive a subject this is for everyone involved, and then some.

Christine also denies this was even a factor in her walk-off.

She Tweeted: "Why did I walk off set? It's not complicated but it's not because of Robyn wanting a baby. Honestly it was childish and I shouldn't have done it."

Kody's wife says she had to "think about an issue" that she wasn't quite done processing, which explains nothing and is as vague as you can get.

Whatever it is, something big is clearly on her mind here.

Elsewhere on Sister Wives Season 5 Episode 9:

  • Asked if he would add a fifth wife, Kody replied, "I really don’t think so, that’s not in my stars."
  • Robyn was upset that Meri was going back to college and did not share her passion for My Sisterwife’s Closet.    
  • Christine and Janelle, meanwhile, said that going back to school was actually something that Meri needed to do.
  • Kody opened up about how he did not feel like he was actually in charge of the family.
  • Reunion host Tamron Hall called out Kody's son Logan, 19, for a sexy shirtless selfie that he took and posted to Instagram.

Until the second half of Sister Wives Season 5 ...

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