Nurse Has Sex With Corpse, Sentenced to Two Years in Jail in California

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A nurse who was caught having sexual intercourse with a corpse at Sherman Oaks Hospital in California was sentenced to two years in county jail Tuesday.

Prosecutors said that Alejandro Razo, 62, was ordered to serve 180 days of those two years under supervised release, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Razo must also attend counseling sessions and sex offender meetings.

The California nurse was found guilty June 26 of having sex with the corpse of an 82-year-old woman who had passed away from natural causes at the hospital.

Razo had been assigned to prepare her for the mortuary in January 2013, until another nurse walked in and saw him doing something rather unthinkable.

Allegedly, Razo had his pants down and was having sex with the body.

He was soon arrested under suspicion of health and safety code violations. Razo pleaded not guilty, but L.A. prosecutors used DNA evidence to convinct him.

Razo’s nursing license has been suspended following the incident, but has not been revoked, according to district attorney spokesman Ricardo Santiago.