Karrueche Tran Places Chris Brown on "No Sex" Punishment; Duo Still Estranged, Annoying

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Chris Brown famously crooned that "these hoes ain't loyal." Well, Karrueche Tran may not be disloyal, but she sure is playing hard to get these days.

Completely stubborn and giving Chris the silent treatment, she's still not speaking to Brown following their July 4 fight over that thong photo post.

Moreover, she put him on a "no sex" punishment until he gets his act together ... they'd have to start talking again first for that to matter, but still.

As for where the R&B singer stands on their relationship at this stage?

He'd gladly welcome her back and start fresh ... if she reaches out.

“Chris is my boy and he’s expecting her to call him,” a source says. “Chris loves her, don’t get that twisted, but at the same time, he ain’t no punk.”

“He’s stubborn and still trying to work through his emotions."

"He has commitment issues. He talked a whole lot of this and that when he was locked down [in jail], but in his defense, that’s what he was feeling.”

Breezy “missed Kae then and he still loves her now,” but it sounds like he is standing his ground, as is Tran, who wants to hold Chris to a higher standard.

“She really wants him to step it up and he’s doing that but it’s got to go at his speed,” another insider said, and until he gets to where she wants?

No boning. That has officially been shut down until further notice.

“She’s upset with him for a few main things,” another source said of the duo. “One is him basically telling her to stop trying to control him and his life."

"She’s not taking his tone anymore,” the source revealed, and until Karrueche feels like they are on equal footing, "she's refusing to have sex with Chris."

When you're a beast at sex since age eight, that's gotta be tough.

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