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No matter where Jenelle Evans goes, the Teen Mom star cannot get away from her haters.

Even when she goes into labor.

The troubled 22-year old gave birth to a son named Kaiser last night, announcing the news via Twitter with a cute photo of the newborn’s feet (below).

And it didn’t take long for Jenelle’s critics to come out in force online, with one referring to Evans as a “#clingybitch” and another referring to Jenelle’s “deadbeat non mothering skills.”

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As you can see when you watch Teen Mom online via TV Fanatic, Evans obviously has struggled mightily as a parent when it comes to her first child.


But is now really the proper time to remind Jenelle of her past failing? When she’s sitting in the hospital with a baby?

“Can’t wait to laugh when he gets taken away from you scumbags,” wrote another Twitter user referring to Kaiser, while yet another blasted Evans as a “drug addict who got poor choices.”

Evans, of course, couldn’t help but get involved in the Internet fray herself, responding at one point with:

“This is MY TIME to enjoy with my son, not to please all u haters.”

It’s true. Which is why she should probably ignore said haters and go enjoy that time with her son.

Really, in the end… everyone should just put their phones down for awhile, take a deep breath and relax.