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A story about DMX that does not begin or end with DMX getting arrested is noteworthy enough, but a story about DMX flipping out on an amusement park ride?

Not ’cause he’s drunk, high, in an argument or getting arrested (we covered that), but just ’cause he’s bat$h!t crazy scared of the thing like anyone else?

It’s everything. This video is everything.

DMX FREAKS on Amusement Park Ride

X was at an Orlando theme park and thought he was gonna give it 2 The Slingshot, but the ride was a ruff one for the ryders on this summer afternoon.

At first, the rapper tries to get himself and his buddy HYPED by repeatedly yelling and saying “it’s some scary $h!t” … and then the thing actually starts.

Screaming, yelling, cursing and holding on for dear life, DMX was counting down the seconds until the ride came to a stop and he could light up a blunt.

Really. He said he was going to do so.


Our favorite part of this? Him trying to act all hard at the end, as if he was totally unfazed by this experience … and cameras didn’t record his every move.

Smoke that J, bruh. You earned it.