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The Voice Season 6 closed out Tuesday on NBC with an epic results show featuring performances by Ed Sheeran, Tim McGraw, Robin Thicke and OneRepublic.

Yet not even they could not outshine the real star of the night: the winner.

Christina Grimmie (Team Adam), Josh Kaufman (Team Ursher) and Jake Worthington (Team Blake) each made coaches’ chairs swivel during the blind auditions.

They consistently brought the competition to its knees, and the crowd to its feet, during multiple weeks of do-or-die battles and high-stakes playoff performances.

They brought out the votes of America early and often throughout the spring.

But there could be only one The Voice. Results? Follow the jump to see …


In third place … Christina Grimmie! What a great run she had!

In second place … drum roll please … Jake Worthington!

Josh wins! Josh wins! He wins it for Team Usher!

Yes, Josh Kaufman is the winner of The Voice Season 6, and the first champion not to be coached by Blake or Adam. He did a fantastic job throughout.

Scroll through last night’s performances above, as well as the previous night’s below, and tell us if you think the most worth winner hath been crowned …

Josh Kaufman: Did he deserve to win The Voice?