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Magic Johnson is taking the high road when it comes to Donald Sterling.

In his interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN last night, Sterling did apologize for his recent racist rant, which was directed at girlfriend V. Stiviano and released as an audio recording a few weeks ago.

But the 80-year old Clippers owner also went off on Magic for some reason, blasting the NBA legend for having AIDS and for doing nothing to help the African-American community.

His words really needs to be heard to be believed:

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In response, Johnson called in to TMZ this afternoon, denied talk that he’s trying to purchase the Clippers and said:

"I’m a proud black man. I’m a leader in the black community and I take that role seriously."


Magic, of course, has famously moved movie theaters, Starbucks and other franchises into inner cities area, greatly boosting their economies and providing many new jobs for residents.

Johnson added that Sterling has never officially apologized to him or to the African-American community and that he’s clearly trying to pit Jews against blacks… but it isn’t going to work.

"It’s sad," Magic concluded. "We just got to pray for him."

And hope we never, ever, ever need to hear another word out of his racist mouth again.