Lara Logan Scandal: CBS Tries to Remove False Benghazi Report from Web

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CBS reporter Lara Logan took a forced leave of absence following her botched Benghazi report that relied heavily on testimony from a security consultant who was later revealed to be lying. 

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Now, that unfortunate chapter in Logan's life has been re-opened as reports surfaced today that CBS is attempting to remove evidence of Logan's faulty coverage from the Internet.

Video and transcripts of the now-infamous 60 Minutes segment were removed from the CBS website today and the network reportedly demanded that all evidence of the report be removed from research service Lexis-Nexis.

Search results for the transcript from last October turn up a message indicating that the text has been "deleted at the request of CBS News due to legal or copyright issues."

So why is CBS trying to scrub Logan's error from the web now, almost seven months after her report aired?

Some think the network mistakenly believed enough time had passed since the initial scandal that they could bury evidence of the embarrassing incident without the public taking notice. 

Naturally, conspiracy theorists are having their say and some believe that the White House is involved in the attempted erasure as part of an attempt to remove the ugly episode from the American consciousness.

White House press secretary Jay Carney has previously alluded to Logan's flawed reporting when discussing the raid on Benghazi. 

Logan and CBS have yet to comment on these most recent charges of professional misconduct.