Lance Stephenson Blows in LeBron James' Ear, Inspires Meme Glory

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During Game 5 of the Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat Eastern Conference finals last night, Lance Stephenson pulled out all the stops to keep his team from being eliminated.

First, he bizarrely attempted to sneak into a Miami huddle, then the Pacers guard pulled a maneuver that will live on in the annals of NBA history:

The clip above shows Stephenson blowing into the ear of LeBron James, and while you may think that LeBron's face is the funniest possible result of Stephenson's weird attempt at distraction, you would be wrong.

The image has inspired some of the funniest memes we've seen since Contemplative Kanye took the Internet by storm:

Yes, apparently Stephenson is responsible for everything from Marilyn Monroe's iconic upskirt shot to 50 Cent's embarrassing first pitch.

On the plus side, he's a good guy to have around if it's 1988 and you can't get your Nintendo cartridge to work.

Check out the gallery above for some of the best Stephenson-inspired memes the Internet has to offer. 

Ray Allen awesomely described Stephenson's actions as "buffoonery" in a post-game interview, and while we're inclined to agree with Allen's assessment if it'll always result in this much meme hilarity, we hope Lance engages in some buffoonery every night.

Hopefully this reminder of how much Stephenson enjoys blowing on things will lead Lebron to rock a huge pair of Beats by Dre headphones during game 6.

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