Jessica Meuse Reacts to American Idol Ousting, Really Wants to Be on Supernatural

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Jessica Meuse has been eliminated from American Idol: Everything.

The aspiring singer will not be visiting her hometown as part of the show next week, but that's okay probably. She has A LOT she wants to do now anyway.

"I have a list that just goes on and on,” Meuse told reporters last night of what she wants to focus on next.

Goodbye, Jessica Meuse

Such as?!?

"My plan is I'm going to build a studio. I'm going to make my CD. I'm going to write and collaborate with people. I'm trying to get into a little bit of acting," she says.

And she even know what kind of acting

"I really want to be on Supernatural so bad. I am so unhealthily obsessed with that show that I just want to be in one episode, I don't care if it's a 10-second spot. I will just stand there in the background and be like, 'Look! That's me!'"

Let's make this happen, CW.

And then once the Supernatural gig is over...

"I want to do fashion. I want to do makeup and everything because I do like makeup. I like art. I don't know if there's any profession I can do along tattoo designs or anything because I'd get into that. I want to get into production and everything behind the scenes in music."

Sounds like we need not cry for Jessica Meuse, she has plenty to be excited about.

But do you think America should have voted her off last night?

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