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Well, that was awesome.

Yes, Stannis received a loan from the Iron Bank on Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 and he may soon be setting sail again for King’s Landing.

And, sure, Dany showed some mercy as she reigned over Meereen.

But let’s be serious: this hour of the HBO epic belonged to Tyrion Lannister.

Rhaegal - Game of Thrones

Peter Dinklage pretty much wrapped up another Emmy Award with his pained expression during his character’s trial, on which the episode focused for the entire second half.

Tyrion sat and seethed while one witness of another relayed facts that painted him as the family’s second king slayer.


We witnessed Jaime make a deal with Tywin that would save Tyrion’s life and send him to the Night’s Watch and, for all the evil things we could say about Tywin Lannister, it was safe to believe he meant it, wasn’t it?

This is a man who keeps his word; that word just isn’t very nice most of the time.

And Tyrion seemed to trust Jaime, he was set to remain quiet and ask for mercy once the guilty verdict came down… until a scored Shae came out and misled the court into believing she was a mere “whore” being used and abused by her master.

Poor, misguided Shae. If only she knew all the ways Tyrion was trying to protect her when he sent her packing.

But these deceitful words from his one true love were too much for Tyrion. He lost it. His typical sarcasm and snark turned into vitriol, as he confessed to be being a “dwarf” and screamed about how he has been on trial for that his entire life.

It was an awesomely unexpected scene, one that caught Tywin off guard, especially when Tyrion was for a Trial by Combat.

He’s one-for-one so far in those and viewers are now left to wonder who he’ll choose to fight for his life: Jaime would be the obvious guess, even one-handed; but might we now meet The Mountain instead?

The possibilities are juicy, the focus on one storyline for half the episode was welcome and Dinklage as Tyrion? He was just plain fantastic.