19 Yahoo Questions That Will Make You Wonder How People Are This Dumb

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Are you ready to feel like a rocket scientist? Have we got a gallery for you.

As it just so happens, there's exactly ZERO limits on the dumb things people will ask on the Internet. Anonymously or otherwise. Happening upon these dumb Yahoo questions has two effects:

  1. You feel REALLY, REALLY smart
  2. You lose all faith in humanity because how can people be this dumb!?!?

But alas, they are. They ARE this dumb and they walk among us! GASP!

They're like tiny little intelligence leeches that steal our smarts one dumb question at a time. And yes, Virginia, there are such things as dumb questions.

Check out these 19 Yahoo questions that will make you question humanity, yet pat yourself on the back because no matter what stupid thing you've said in your life, you're not this dumb.


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