US Airways Tweet Dubbed "Honest Mistake," Company is Really Sorry

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With the Internet still buzzing over a US Airways Tweet that was dirtier than anything Miley Cyrus has done in months, spokesman Matt Miller has come out and tried to explain what happened.

How did naked women with a toy plan wedged between her legs end up online?

"It was an honest mistake. It was in an attempt to flag the tweet as inappropriate," Miller tells The New York Daily News, adding that the image was initially first posted on the US Airways wall by an undisclosed Twitter user.

The X-rated photo was “captured” and “flagged as inappropriate,” Miller said, and then when the airline went to reply to customer complaints… it was “inadvertently included.”

Inadvertently and hilariously, we should add.

No employee will be fired over the US Airways Twitter picture, with Miller emphasizing again how apologetic his company is and concluding:

"We are in the midst of reviewing our processes but for the most part we have an understanding of what happened and how to ensure how it won't happen in the future."

In case you somehow missed it, here's a look at the pornographic Tweet in question:

US Airways Tweet