Kourtney Kardashian Bikini Photos Confirm She's The Hottest Kardashian!

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Well, the debate is over.

There will always be those who claim Kim's sex tape and prominent curves make her the sexiest Kardashian sister, and there may even be a vote or two for Khloe out there (some folks love an underdog), but if you ask us, this video confirms once and for all Kourtney is the hottest of the Kash Klan.

Check out the clip above to see Kourtney in all her glory on vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

Kourtney celebrated her 35 birthday recently but the mother of two could still give any woman (including her younger half-sisters) a lesson on how to rock a bikini.

Now if only we could get her away from that mega-douche Scott Disick.

Sadly, if recent photos of Kourtney straddling Scott are any indication, the relationship between these two seems to be going strong. 

So she's got two kids, a decent relationship and it seems that she's in better shape with each passing year. 

Dare we say Kourtney is not only the best-looking but overall the supreme Kardashian?

We're sure her sisters would be cool with that decision. They don't seem like the competitive type, or anything. 

Check out the gallery below for more of Kourtney's MILF-ish hotness.

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