Katy Perry to Fan: At Least You Have a Boyfriend!

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Katy Perry appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and an eager KP super-fan got a confession from the singer that every tabloid in the world has been waiting for.

Though Katy split from John Mayer back in February, neither party has yet confirmed that they're officially single.

Katy has even been romantically linked with several other men in the months since, reportedly dating DJ Diplo and redneck rapper Riff Raff. Still, she had yet to discuss her breakup with Mayer or even admit that they're no longer a couple.

That all changed last night when Katy saw an opportunity to drop the bombshell in joke form and took it, giving a fan a moment she'll never forget in the process.

Playing a Katy Perry trivia game against self-professed "superfan" Emily Droznik, Perry almost proved that her fans know her better than she knows herself. But there remain certain details she keeps private.

When Emily stated that her boyfriend made her take down the Katy shrine she'd built in her apartment, Katy replied, "At least you have a boyfriend!" 

So there you have it: no John Mayer! No Robert Pattinson! No Diplo! No Riff Raff (thank God)! 

We know Katy likes to date famous rappers. Maybe she's just waiting for Kanye to be single again. Shouldn't take long.


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