Katy Perry "Birthday" Video Sparks More Outrage: Who's Pissed Now?

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Katy Perry's "Birthday" video has drawn a wide array of responses from viewers, but few have been more vocal online than civil rights groups who take offense to Katy's portrayal of bar mitzvah DJ "Yosef Shulum."

Shulum is one of several characters Perry plays in the 8-minute video, but while other scenes draw laughs from the antics of drunk clowns or aging strippers, the portion of the video featuring the Shulum character is mainly focused on poking fun at Jewish stereotypes.

This isn't the first time Katy has found herself at the heart of a racial controversy.

In November of 2013, she drew criticism from Asian rights groups for an offensive American Music Awards performance in which she dressed as a geisha and appropriated elements of Japanese culture.

Katy has yet to respond to claims that her portrayal of a Jewish man is insensitive, and even though the video was just released yesterday, this is not the first controversy concerning "Birthday."

Production of the clip attracted negative attention well before "Birthday" hit YouTube, as the singer revealed that she left a party full of five-year olds while filming the "insane" music video.

Amazingly, Katy isn't the first pop star this week to be accused of racial insensitivity.

Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" video has offended Asian-American groups who claim it perpetuates negative ethnic stereotypes.

Lavigne's clip has been banned from YouTube. It does not appear Katy's video will suffer a similar fate.

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