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Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are pretty much only famous for their bizarre marriage, and since Courtney’s naked photos haven’t brought her the kind of attention she was hoping for, it makes sense that Courtney and Doug are now back together.

Courtney Stodden, Doug Hutchison Back On?

Courtney and Doug split up in November of last year following a two-year marriage that shocked the world.

Hutchison was 51 when her married a then-16-year-old Courtney with the permission of her parents. The nuptials briefly captured the attention of the tabloids, but try as they might, the former actor and aspiring singer were unable to parlay their notoriety into a reality show deal.

After brief appearances on series like Vh1’s Couples Therapy the couple came to terms with the fact that their bid for reality fame had failed and decided to go their separate ways.

Now just a few months after their separation, however, Courtney and Doug have been spotted spending a lot of time together and recently stopped to chat with fans while hiking in Southern California.


No official announcement has been made yet, but Courtney was reportedly in talks to star in a Bachelorette-style dating show and many believe that when the deal fell through, her disappointment (and ongoing quest for fame) drove her back to Doug.

Whether they get back together or split up it’ll be interesting to see what their hunger for the spotlight drives these two to do next.