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The Captain America: The Winter Soldier has an actual plot and everything.

It’s not just bad guys hitting good guys and good guys responding by blowing up bad guys.

So Samuel L. Jackson told Jon Stewart during an appearance on The Daily Show this week – and the critics seem to agree.

One Captain America: The Winter Soldier review after another praises the plot, special effects and acting, making it clear which movie should earn your hard-earned money this week.

Here’s a rundown of what these critics are saying:

We not only get an edgier, more complex, more compelling storyline, we get the most badass 95-year-old the world has ever known. – Richard Roeper

This is a sequel that easily surpasses its predecessor by turning its previously dull hero into one with unexpected but logical depth. – Mark Dujsik

The joining of Robert Redford to the Marvel universe speaks volumes as to how far comic book movies have come over the decades… this is Marvel’s best movie yet. – Joel Amos

Marvel beautifully exploits the traditions of this genre without ever trying to extend them: This sequel is, by design, entirely absorbing and satisfying without being one whit memorable. – Lawrence Toppman

Rivals Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” in complexity and scope in the way it looks at real-world issues through a deceptively simple comic book aesthetic. – Charles Koplinski