7-Eleven Clerks Disarm Robber In Amazing Viral Video!

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Memo to armed robbers: don't eff with 7-Eleven! 

They may be getting paid just over minimum wage, but the two convenience store clerks in the video above put their lives on the line to strip a would-be robber of his weapon and send the crook fleeing from the scene.

"I turned and saw the gun," said one of the San Leandro, CA clerks, identified only as Mark. "He demanded cash and I held up my hands. He started swinging the gun back and forth. When the gun got close to him, I saw my opportunity. I grabbed it by both hands and yanked it out of his hand."

Things very nearly got ugly, as you can see around the 1-minute mark of the video when one of the clerks begins pursuing the suspect, gun in hand, but then thinks better of it. 

Naturally, area police issued an official statement discouraging civilians from engaging in this sort of vigilante behavior, but while it may not be safe for folks to take the law into their own hands it sure makes for some great viral videos!

These hardcore clerks gave us our favorite security cam footage since last week's epic FedEx fail in which a driver watched helplessly as his delivery van rolled away.

Hopefully the 7-Eleven organization will hit these guys with a raise for not only saving the cash in their tills but also providing the world some first-class entertainment.

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