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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you are yet to watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14.

Because… holy shocking death alert!

The craziness of this installment began when cute little Lizzie went off her rocker. She actually stabbed and killed her sister Mika in an attempt prove that she would come back to life, a move that force to Carol to knife Mika’s brain to prevent this from actually happening.

But that was merely the first child murder of the night.


Carol and Tyreese pondered what to do about Lizzie, with the former making her viewpoint rather clear.

“We can’t sleep with her and Judith under the same roof,” Carol ominously said. “She can’t be around other people.”

So that – shockingly – settled that: Carol walked Lizzie outside and told her to “look at the flowers.” She then put a bullet in her brain.

But the episode didn’t even conclude there: Carol went straight to Tyreese and confessed her sins, admitting to him that she killed his girlfriend Karen and David. And he forgave her!

There is a parallel to this storyline and events in The Walking Dead graphic novel series, but still… wow. The series killed two kids in one hour.

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