Teen Wolf SHOCKER: Who Died?

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We hope you are sitting down, Teen Wolf fans. And that a box of Kleenex is handy. Actually, make that two.

Because Alison Argent is dead.

Yes, on the penultimate episode of Teen Wolf Season 4, this MTV series killed off its female lead.

We started out the hour with The Nogitsune taking Lydia to the Oak Creek internment camp, and with the entire group dead set on finding her.

We also witnessed Allison sharing what turned out to be some foreshadow-y moments with Isaac and her father.

Isaac confirmed that he remembered their night together, while Mr. Argent cast a silver bullet for his daughter… who opted instead for a silver arrowhead.

"I love you," she said. "And I'm so proud of us."


Fast forward a few scenes later and we arrive at the camp, where Mrs. Yukimura and her team of Oni, who were ready to kill the Nogitsune, despite what that might to do Stiles.

Isaac was stabbed during the ensuing fight and was on the verge of death until Alison nailed an Oni with an arrow to the chest.

Gone he went - but another showed up and stabbed Alison in her stomach, just as Scott made it to her side. 

He caught her as she fell. She told him he was her first love and that she would always love him and then... silence. Shock. Tears everywhere.

Alison really is dead and you can watch Teen Wolf online to revisit her final moments.

Equally disturbing and hard to believe? We still have the season finale next Monday! What could possibly happen then?!?

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