Juan Pablo Galavis: Epic Douche Saturday Night in Atlantic City Club!

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The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis is making the most of his 15 minutes, and suffering from delusions of grandeur, hosting club events around the U.S.

While demanding they not mention The Bachelor in any way, shape or form.

TMZ posted a flier for his big upcoming appearance at The Pool After Dark in Atlantic City on March 29, and sure enough, nowhere does it mention the show.

It does, however, include one of the most douchetastic Juan Pablo photos:

Juan Pablo Galavis Poster

Sources tell the celebrity gossip site that JPG specifically instructed the casino not to associate him with The Bachelor in any press releases or fliers.

Because it is SO OVER and he is FREE from that crap at last!

Even better? He will appear at a 15-person meet-and-greet on the condition that no one asks about his reality show stint. Same rule goes for reporters.

All for a hilariously modest paycheck of around $20,000.

As for his non-fiance, she'll be there too, unless he's cheating on Nikki Ferrell with someone new by then and they break up ... about a 50/50 chance.

Either way, essss okay. He is just being honest.

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