Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 15 Recap: Emotions Running High

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 15 featured some intense medical drama, reminding us that these hot docs and all their personal drama do work in a hospital.

That's not to say there weren't some interesting character developments as well, perhaps most notably the continuation of last week's "panty police" storyline.

Hunt takes action against Jolex for breaking the no fraternizing rule, while Human Resources also wants to talk to ... Arizona. Ready for this major bombshell?

Explosion on Grey's Anatomy

The anonymous harassment complaint came from Leah. But not against Arizona. Against Callie ... for no reason at all other than straight up jealousy, apparently.

Yet just when you'd think this might spell doom for Calzona, the latter half gives a compelling speech and they appear ready to weather the latest storm.

Meanwhile, Stephanie kicks a baby. Inside of a cardboard box next to the dumpster, but still, that is not something you come across every day, is it?

Fortunately, that's the place to find one, and Shane ends up saving the baby of mystery origin later on. Things may be turning around for this guy at last.

Meredith informs Cristina that Owen and Emma split, at which point Cristina tries to make it seem like she’s not interested in all after their latest hook up.

Hunt calls her on it later in Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 15 and leaves Yang speechless ... rare, we know. Almost as rare as this development:

April is stuck explaining to a donor with a stalking issue that he can’t get his kidney back now that the patient who got it is in a vegetative state.

Jackson gets stuck filling out paperwork in a conference room with Stephanie, giving him a chance to apologize like April asked him to on her behalf.

Jackson gives a really sincere apology, but Stephanie is too angry to hear it, which isn't surprising ... but at least he gave it a shot? Maybe April should try?

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