Fake Chef Pranks TV Morning Shows, Convinces Anchors to Eat Gross Stuff

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Late last year, chef Keith Guehrke appeared on a number of morning talk shows across the midwest.

He described himself as an "unorthodox, self-taught" guru in the kitchen who dropped such nuggets of knowledge on various hosts as:

"There's a statistic that around the holidays, especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's one of the highest suicide rates and I think part of that is the stress of, What are you going to do with these leftovers?"

Seems a bit far-fetched, doesn't it?

That's because chef Keith Guehrke doesn't exist.

It's come out that the man who convinced anchors to try such concoctions as gravy ice cream and/or pumpkin pie smoothies was Nick Prueher, the founder of a site called the Found Footage Festival.

He and his friend like to go around and fool news programs around the country, as Prueher devised a similar prank in 2010:

He got himself on a variety of programs under the guise of being a yo-yo champion when, in fact, he sucks at yo-yo.

Pretty funny, we must say. And pretty harmless, really, especially when you consider what other junk is on morning television anyway.

Where does this prank rank among some of our all-time favorites? Decide for yourslf now...

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