Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 10 Recap: Standing By Mia Robertson

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Duck Dynasty Season 5 is in the books following an hour-long finale on Wednesday that was a little out of the ordinary for the popular A&E reality show.

How so? In between Willie and Jase trading zingers and Phil battling yuppies for alpha male supremacy was the story of a little girl who wants a party.

When you watch Duck Dynasty online, you'll see that despite the controversy and redneck jokes, the series is as much about family and heart as any.

In Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 10, Mia Robertson, Jase and Missy's daughter, was facing her fifth major surgery to address her cleft lip and palate.

Before her operation, Jase (a much bigger softie than he lets on) and Missy the youngster her the option to do whatever she wants as a big send off.

After hearing about a famous Uncle Willie and Daddy wrestling match, Mia chooses a big family reunion, with all of the extended cousins as well.

Dad did not let her down. "Cut to the Chase" Jase brings back his classic nickname from the Christmas special to do battle in the wrestling ring.

His opponent? "Get Back to Work" Willie, in the full-sized wrestling ring they rented. And they go at it, WWE style. It was weird, but in an awesome way.

"Normally, I would be concerned about Willie getting hurt," Korie says.

"But, I have not seen Willie exercise this much since he stopped doing the TaeBo videos in the living room. And I think those were on VHS too.

Elsewhere, Phil's brother-in-law Gordon (his sister's husband) shows up in a pink polo shirt and khakis, and says he's a better shot than the Duck Commander.

Oh it's ON now.

He does get one duck, redeeming himself slightly after a horrific start, but suffice it to say he didn't live up to his own billing, or impress the patriarch.

In the end, everyone was there to stand by this very brave little girl who is looking at a long recovery process and three months with no solid foods.

Bless her heart, and theirs.

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