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For the first time in his Presidency, Barack Obama appeared on Ellen this week.

But whatever… so did Mateo Beltran!

This three-year old rose to viral fame this week after his mother filmed her toddler arguing with her over cupcakes.

"Listen, Linda, Linda, honey!” Mateo kept saying to the camera, trying to talk his way into having dessert for dinner… to no avail.

But Ellen finally provided the tyke with his beloved sweets, decorating the cupcakes with Batman and Superman decor, while also giving Mateo’s mother a spa weekend gift certificate.

Oh, and $10,000. Ellen gave the family $10,000.

3-Year Appears on Ellen, Gets His Cupcakes

Watch the appearance above and then relive this viral sensation below:

Toddler Argues About Cupcakes

Ellen, of course, has become famous for making dreams come true. And also for making us crack up.

Relive some of her show’s best moments here: