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Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 16 saw the Browns faced with a major health scare, setting an atypically somber tone for the typically light-hearted family drama.

Truely, Kody’s daughter with wife Christine, was rushed to the ER.

“This is serious,” Truely’s pediatrician told the worried family.

And it was. “When eyes go crossed, that’s emergency.”

Watch Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 16 Online
Watch Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 16 Online

That was the fear was that the youngster had contracted meningitis, especially when her condition didn’t improve after a few days. If anything, it worsened.

Needless to say, this cast a pall over the fun that was Mariah’s goodbye party.

Once he got the news in Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 16, Kody Brown did all he could to help Truely and make sure she followed doctor’s orders.

The dialysis didn’t kick in for nine days, however, making for an epically long week for the poor, ailing three-year-old and her concerned family members.


Suddenly, all the inter-wife squabbling and awkwardness that often defines this TLC series seemed to fall by the wayside as the group came together.

That was neat to see, because while their family is unconventional, they are still a family, and Truely needed every ounce of support she could muster.

At last, she was permitted to return home, and feted with a tea party in her honor.

Mariah went off to college on her own (with mom Meri) due to this unexpected emergency, but the silver lining of that was the mother-daughter bonding time.

The moral of the story for the Browns: Health and happiness are all that matters.

Anything can happen and everything can change, so it’s important to stick together and spend as much time with one another as we can, while we can.

Whether you’re a polygamist sympathizer or not, we can all say amen to that.

To catch up on the comings and goings of the Browns, follow the link to watch Sister Wives online and see this episode and past ones in full, for free!