Sister Wives Recap: Road Trip!

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It was road trip time on Sister Wives Sunday, but not for Kody Brown. His wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn were taking this one "solo."

If you ever watch Sister Wives online or on TV, you can imagine how this all played out for the Browns. The wives, after all, are Sister Wives in name only.

Without Kody around as a buffer or object of mutual affection, how would they get along? It's not like they would ever hang out together in the real world.

They seemed to acknowledge this right away, while also saying that quality time together is much needed as they prepare for a commitment celebration.

The first San Francisco snag? Finding a store that sells dresses in sizes that fit all the ladies. The first store they visit only works for Robyn’s slim figure.

This, in turn, made the others feel discouraged and uncomfortable ... though the next day, a trip to a plus size store left Robyn as the odd girl out.

The wives ultimately decided in Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 15 that a color scheme (rather than the same dress) would allow them to feel unique.

Yet at the same time, they would come together as one. The symbolism, people.

As for Kody Brown, his plans to grill so much meat that the kids can eat leftovers for days goes awry when he burns it after tending to an injured Ysabel.

Food is not the only issue faced by the suddenly single dad, whose three older daughters ask if any boys have asked for his permission to court them.

“I want them to have some education,” he says, adding that 17-18 is too young to be thinking seriously about romance. “I want them to go to college first.”

Smart guy.

The most awkward moment came when Kode-man called the wives, who looked really uncomfortable talking to him on the phone in front of the others.

Hard to imagine why that had to be so tense, but then again it's hard to imagine having four spouses that have to hang out and pretend to like each other.

They're trying, at least, and when they finally came back, the man of the house looked thrilled to see them, and they said they had more fun than they thought.

Eat your heart out, Modern Family.