Mean Girls Reenacted By Kittens: The Internet Can Officially Retire

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The Internet has always been run by cats, but with this video of Mean Girls reenacted by kittens, the entire web as we know it can officially hang it up.

You're not gonna do better than this, Cyberspace. At least not today ... unless Justin Bieber gets arrested again and is filmed trying to break out of his cell naked.

Now try to get that image out of your head as you feast your eyes on this feline-centric parody of the Tina Fey-Lindsay Lohan classic from the Pet Collective ...

The attention to detail throughout is tremendous, with the feline twists pulled off in fantastic fashion. You can't just ask people why they aren't lions!

Damian, for his part, is "too gray to function" while the girl at the end just wants to bake a cake out of "rainbows and catnip" so everyone can be happy.

Watch Pet Collective's masterpiece above from start to finish and be sure to click the slideshow below for many more classic cat videos from the THG archives ...

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