Justin Bieber Bail Hearing: Watch Now!

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Justin Bieber will soon be a free man.

The singer - or piece of $hit, as Seth Rogen now refers to him as - appeared in court a this morning at a bail hearing, standing in a prison jumpsuit as a judge ran through the counts against him:

Driving under the influence. Driving with an expired license. Resisting arrest without violence.

Watch now to see Justin's dour expression throughout this humiliating experience and to see bail set at $2,500.

The superstar will obviously pay this amount and leave jail later today.

He's expected to have his license suspended due to blowing a .04 when pulled over around 4 a.m. for drag racing.

According to the official police report, Bieber snapped at the cops when they first started to question him, asking "why the f-ck" are they doing it and telling them he "ain't got no f-cking weapons."

Officers then ordered Justin to put his hands on the car, but he refused to comply. Hence the resisting arrest charge.

Justin was going around 50 in a 30 mph zone when he was stopped and the rapper against whom he was racing also got arrested.

At a press conference not long after the incident, officials said the singer "made statements he had consumed some alcohol, been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication."

The arrest took place days after friends said Bieber has a serious drug problem and is in need of rehab.

It wouldn't surprise us one bit if his PR team recommended he take that step now, in light of the fallout sure to come.

Do you think Bieber should attend rehab? Or should he actually go to jail in order to contemplate all he's done over the past few weeks?

Should Justin Bieber go to jail for this DUI?



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