Brandi Glanville: Sort of Sorry for Molestation Joke!

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Brandi Glanville is very sorry for making one of the more inappropriate jokes in recent memory.

During her podcast this week - yes, depressingly, Brandi Glanville hosts a podcast - the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was interviewing comedian Jim Florentine, whose church has been through some ugly sex scandals.

And, in a failed attempt to bond with depressingly, Glanville quipped that she "wanted to be molested as a child."

“My sister got felt up by a principal, and nothing for me: He didn’t even look at me sideways," Brandi said on air. "Now looking back, I’m super-bummed. I was thinking, ‘All this and nothing?’ Super-hot and they passed me up!"

After receiving some understandable backlash, Glanville took to Twitter last night and offered up an apology.

"I'm sorry if I offended anyone with @Mrjimflorentine @PodcastOne interview," she wrote, then making it clear she isn't really sorry... listeners just need to remember:

"My show is a COMEDY based entertainment show for adults I'm sorry."

Glanville is known for making terrible jokes.

On a December episode of her Bravo hit, Glanville told Joyce Giraud that she's a "black person" and "all my black friends can't swim."

"I think it was definitely inappropriate," the reality star later said. "I'm the least racist person of all time. I think the more you defend it, the more you look guilty, so I don't have to say that much more. I'm very sorry with whomever I offended."

Man, this woman sucks.

Watch The Real Housewivs of Beverly Hills online to understand how much.

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