American Horror Story Recap: Welcome, Stevie Nicks!

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The latest episode of American Horror Story: Coven featured a major death.

It also took us inside the temporary truce between Fiona and Marie, while causing us to once again wonder who will be the next Supreme.

But whatever. Those developments were sort of interesting. Yet they paled next to the most exciting storyline of all: Stevie Nicks stopped by the FX hit!

The singer has been referenced numerous times this season by Misty and she poked fun here at those who believed over the years that she's actually involved with witchcraft.

Lily Rabe's character actually feinted upon seeing the 65-year old artist and we learned that Stevie and Fiona are totally best friends. Who would have guessed?!?

Nicks sat at the piano during her guest-starring stint and played "Rihannon." She also got to give Misty her seal of approval on her biggest fan's twirl.

And then, of course, Stevie herself twirled and bestowed her scarf to Misty and told her: "This shawl has danced across the stages of the world and now it's yours. Good luck with the Seven Wonders."

Seriously, Stevie Nicks for Supreme!

Watch American Horror Story online now to catch this fun cameo in all its glory.

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