Aitzaz Hasan, Pakistan Teen Who Stopped Suicide Bomber, Hailed as Hero

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The world is mourning Aitzaz Hasan.

This 15-year old died on Monday after he and his friends in Pakistan spotted a man wearing a suicide vest.

Ignoring the pleas of his fellow students, Hasan approached the man, there was a confrontation… and then the bomber detonated his vest, killing himself and Aitaz in the process.

Aitzaz Hasan Picture

In the days since, Aitzaz has been hailed as a hero and has been received an outpouring of admiration across all social media outlets.

The incident took place in Ibrahimzai, a Shia-laden region of Hangu in northwestern Pakistan. According to reports, there were nearly 2,000 students in the area at the time Hasan traded his life for their.

"My cousin sacrificed his life saving his school and hundreds of students and school fellows," Mudassar Hassan Bangish told the BBC. "The suicide bomber wanted to destroy the school and school students. It was my cousin who stopped him."

Many are now calling on Pakistan to award Hasan with that nation's military's highest honor, even though the young man was just a civilian.

On Twitter, folks are paying tribute to Aitzaz via the hashtags #onemillionaitzaz and #AitzazBraveheart.

He reportedly told his friends at the scene that the terrorist was clearly going to "kill" them, so "I'm going to stop him."

Bangish described Aitzaz as "brave" and "a good student, adding of his relative: "He always used to say 'I am always ready for my country'."

That was made clear this week. What an amazing story.