Kyle Kinane, Pace Salsa Throw Down in Twitter Showdown: Must-Read!

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When it's entertainment you need on a lazy Sunday morning, or any morning really, Twitter does not disappoint.

First Elan Gale live-tweeted his exchange with another airline passenger. Then comedian Kyle Kinane discovered a tweet he sent in January about Pace salsa had suddenly been favorited and decided to prod the cattle.

Feeling like the Favorite was a result of a bot, Kinane decided to have a little fun at the Pace Salsa account's expense. Because what else was there to do at this point really?

Kyle Kinane and Pace 1
Kyle Kinane Pace 2
Kyle Kinane Pace 3

He posted a few jabs at Pace Salsa's Twitter account and watched as one by one they were favorited by a robot. 

Kyle Kinane Pace 4

He kept on testing his theory...

Kyle Kinane Pace 6
Kyle Kinane Pace 7

So he decided to push the envelope just a little further...

Kyle Kinane Pace 8
Kyle Kinane Pace 9
Kyle Kinane Pace 10
Kyle Kinane Pace 11

Pace finally started to take notice of their social media activity and sent the following tweet:

We were just experiencing some technical difficulties with our Twitter account, please accept our apology and Happy Holidays.

--Pace Picante (@Pace_Foods)

Kyle Kinane Pace 12

Then the Direct Messages started pouring in like thick and chunky salsa into a dip bowl.

Kyle Kinane Pace 13
Kyle Kinane Pace 14
Kyle Kinane Pace 15

Apparently the Pace lawyers were on duty on Sunday? Maybe their retainers are paid in chips and salsa?

Kyle Kinane Pace 16

Blackmail for salsa is still blackmail, you guys. But then Miles got involved and things got weird.

Kyle Kinane Pace 17

Uhhh, you can totally bribe me with Pace Salsa. Power and free salsa to ME.

Kyle Kinane Pace 18

Kinane decided to get by with a little help from his friends and called on Danica McKellar, his childhood crush. But then there's that weird Jodie Foster reference, so we're not quite sure what he was going for there.

Kyle Kinane Pace 19


Kyle Kinane Pace 20

He kept direct messaging with Miles and Eric hoping for some free salsa. Which he got from some pranksters who dropped this off on his doorstep. 

Kyle Kinane Pace 21

The direct message conversation started up again and then things got weird(er).

Kyle Kinane Pace 22

"Sharon" jumped in the mix to ask if they could please just move forward. Kinane responded with faux-outrage over Miles' dismissal. At least we're pretty sure it was faux outrage.

Kyle Kinane Pace 23
Kyle Kinane Pace 24
Kyle Kinane Pace 25
Kyle Kinane Pace 26

Either the Pace-bot or an employee with a sense of humor started favoriting Kinane's faux outrage. Which is what got this whole thing started in the first place.

Kyle Kinane Pace 27

Miles, not one to be put out to pasture so easily, logged back in to the Pace account. Where Eric proceeded to have a conversation with Miles through Pace's own Twitter DMs?

So much confusion.

Kyle Kinane Pace 28

Kinane spread a little holiday cheer and rallied behind Miles.

Kyle Kinane Pace 29
Kyle Kinane Pace 30
Kyle Kinane Pace 31

Miles went rogue and tweeted the following from the now-suspended Pace account:


--Pace Picante (@Pace_Foods)

Then he went and got his own account which has now also been suspended and said:

@kylekinane Here you go, I'm done proving myself, direct deposit, none of your business, deleting my twitter,

--Miles Wates (@MilesWates)

But wait! The Miles Wates account was a fake!

Kyle Kinana Syriana

While the rest of us were laughing, Pace was busy taking down its Twitter account after apologizing for both its real and automated employees. Yeesh. If you give them a rope...

Kyle Kinane Pace 32

Lesson learned, Pace? Yep. Lesson learned. 

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