Watch The Walking Dead Online: Season 4 Episode 7

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For the second straight week, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 backtracked to show us just what the Governor had been up to since the end of Season 3.

As a result, Rick stepping back into the fold, Carol being kicked out of the group, the flu outbreak and other developments remained on the back burner.

Whether that's a good thing or not depends on how invested you are in the Governor, and whether it plays a role in his development down the line.

As for the Governor, he grew a beard, bedded a newcomer, killed someone, took over a new group, felt conflicted, and pretty much reverted to his old ways.

So was The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 entertaining? Or did taking time away from Rick and the prison make it pure "Dead Weight," to use the title?

Click the pic above to watch the installment from start to finish!

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