Family Guy Recap: Who Died?!?

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Sunday night marked a rather major evening of television programming.

Patrick Jane discovered Red John's identity on The Mentalist.

And Family Guy killed off a main character.

Who got the axe? Via a car accident? Watch the following video and scroll down for the answer...

Rest in peace, Brian. The Griffin's beloved pet dog met his maker on Family Guy Season 12 Episode 6, a stunning development that truly is final, according to producer Steve Callaghan.

He told E! News that the plan to kill off a family member has been in the works for awhile now and:

"It seemed more in the realm of a reality that a dog would get hit by a car, then if one of the kids died. As much as we love Brian, and as much as everyone loves their pets, we felt it would be more traumatic to lose one of the kids, rather than the family pet."

So, yes, Brian really is gone. Stewie had earlier taken apart his time machine, so there's no going back to save his best friend.

And there's even a new dog in the house already, Vinne, voiced by former Sopranos star Tony Sirico.

It was a sad, shocking development, but there are always many Family Guy quotes to help turn that frown upside down.

What do you think of this death?

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