The Vampire Diaries Recap: Tales from the Traveler

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We always knew Katherine Pierce was a bad mutha.

But an actual bad mother? Of Nadia the Traveler? Who was abandoned in 1492 and got herself turned into a vampire just to track down her globe-trotting parent and save her from Silas a few centuries later?

Not sure any viewer saw that one coming.

Yes, The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 5 dropped two bombshells when it came to everyone's favorite plot device, Katherine:

  1. Nadia is her daughter.
  2. Katherine simply can't die.

Seriously, will she ever die?!?

The character has more lives than a cat and those animals have like nine lives!

It appeared as if Katherine would finally be sent packing at the end of the episode - as Silas drained all her blood in order to become mortal, so he could die and trade places with Bonnie, per Damon's plan - but nope. Didn't happen. She somehow remains breathing... and is maybe a vampire again?

It's unclear. But it's also a bit irritating at this point. Sorry, Nadia. You had a nice reunio. But now it's time for your mother to go.


  • Tyler and Caroline had a lot of sex... only for him to turn around and say he had to go kill Klaus. So Tyler on The Originals? Yay! Tyler randomly coming back for one full episode and breaking up with Caroline for a non-sensical reason? Boo!
  • Elena met some dude named Aaron who knew Megan and who doesn't like talking about himself.
  • His guardian? The shady Dr. Maxfield, who labeled Jesse the "perfect" vampire "candidate" and who warned Elena that people are watching her at Whitmore and she should leave.
  • What people? Why? What are the doctor's motivations and plans? This is easily the most fascinating aspect of the show right now.

What did everyone else think about this Vampire Diaries Season 5 installment? Did Stefan make a believable James Dean? What was Matt up to, aside from serving meals at The Grill and being possessed?

Will the Bonnie-for-Silas plan work? And, seriously, what is Elena doing writing in her diary again?!?

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