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The Real Housewives of Atlanta gave us “All In a Day’s Twerk” and did we really need to go there? It was just one more surreal moment in the twirling saga of Kenya Moore. We recap it and the rest of the drama in our THG +/- review.

But let’s start with NeNe Leakes. With The New Normal over will NeNe have to pick up a job as Molly the Maid?

Minus 20. Not a chance. Cleaning houses, even her own, isn’t on NeNe’s agenda and does anyone doubt she’ll land back on top before long?

Real Housewives of Atlanta

As Kandi told Porsha, some days it rains and sometimes you hit a rainy season, but the sun will come out eventually.

Plus 23. Good advice and Porsha could certainly use it.

There was a really uncomfortable moment when Kandi asked if Kordell had ever hit Porsha and there was a long pause before we got an answer. Then Porsha said, “I don’t think he would put his hands on me now.” Does that mean that he’s done it before?  Minus 50.


When Kordell sent over Porsha’s things, was I the only one who thought it didn’t look like that much stuff?

Smashing her wedding dress in the bottom of the box was just petty. And the damage…did he purposefully tear that corset or was he trying it on?

But the best moment was when Kandi and Porsha realized that her Kegel balls were missing from the box.

Plus 34. I could not stop laughing. What did you need the balls for Kordell, or were you just short a pair?

Porsha’s drama made Kandi’s issues look sane.

Wasn’t it sad that it appears that Mama Joyce has been using Riley in her anti-Todd? Minus 22.

But kudos to the kid. She told Kandi to just marry Todd and then grandma would have no choice but to deal with it. Plus 27. Good to know someone’s got some common sense around here.

But Joyce wasn’t the only one giving Kandi flack about her impending nuptials. Her assistant Don Juan is worried Todd’s going to upset the apple cart at work.

Seems like everyone who is riding Kandi’s gravy train is worried Todd is going to push them off. Minus 18. I wish Kandi had told Don to do his job and keep his mouth shut. If he doesn’t like that she’s getting married maybe he should look for work elsewhere instead of trying to cause more drama.

Cynthia went in for surgery and for a hot minute I thought that Peter was being a good guy…until he opened his mouth and lamented about their lousy sex life. Always a good on-camera topic. Minus 11.

And things did not look happy at Phaedra Parks’ home. She and Apollo have done nothing but bicker all season. I don’t know where it’s all leading but I’m sure it’s no where good.

Finally we get to Kenya. Crazy Kenya who blows off steam by twerking on her piano.

Minus 27. That’s about what I’d expect from Ms. Moore.

But she really showed her true colors when she wore he landlord’s wedding dress. I don’t care how bad things were between them. That’s just wrong.

And what can you say when Kenya’s own cousin asks if she’s emotionally disturbed.

Apparently Kenya didn’t leave per her court appointed time and the landlord called the cops. Was it overkill? Yeah but that didn’t make it any less fun.

The description of Kenya Moore given to the 911 operator:  female, black, medium build, weaves, contacts, and implants. Plus 45 because I could not stop laughing. And can anyone say it isn’t accurate?

Obviously it was time for Kenya to twerk herself right out the door.

Episode Total = -19! Season Total = -239!