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Teen Mom 3’s Mackenzie Douthit McKee is facing some criticism for posting a photo of herself, her family and a dead deer that they killed on Instagram.

While the shared pic is pretty graphic and may upset those with weak stomachs, some people have accused her of “exposing her toddler to violence.”

That’s pushing it a little bit, don’t you think, haters?

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While PETA and vegetarians won’t be fans, and are entitled to their valid opinion, so is Douthit for teaching her kids that food comes from somewhere.

Mackenzie Tweeted: “We were all raised a different way, so why judge one another? I was raised an OK. girl I hunt & fish for food and married a bronc rider.”

In her mind, hunting as a way of life. It may be for sport to a degree, but there’s a difference between hunting deer to eat it and senseless “violence.”


Children have to learn about the source of food sooner or later, no?

Mackenzie Douthit did indeed marry a rodeo pro in Josh McKee, and both are proud of their country roots. Like it or not, they are who they are.

Can’t we all just get along and respect each other’s lifestyles?

Gannon’s age (he’s two) may seen like an issue when juxtaposed with a deer carcass, but he’s also being taught a life lesson, even a skill, by mom and dad.

Could we worse, right? Tell us what you think below …