Detroit Reporter Drops Nuclear F-Bomb on Live TV

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What's not to love about local news reporters swearing on air?

It's one of the Internet's great pastimes, along with bullying, the Kim Kardashian sex tape, Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy, and cats ... in general.

Anyway, on Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV, a reporter was live at the scene of a big fire. Fitting, as her bosses may be soon making one, if you catch our drift:

Yes. Lauren Podell, who can at least take solace in having been voted Best Hair in Detroit TV by Metro Times in 2011 (apparently), just f-bombed SO hard.

Having trouble getting her earpiece (IFB) to work, she attempted to fix the problem by angrily shouting "I can't get this f--king in there" with cameras rolling.

No clue if it worked, because in turn, that might have been the fastest apology ever recorded on video by the anchor in the studio. So well played there.

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