Amber Portwood: Can She Stay Clean?

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Troubled (or perhaps reformed?) Teen Mom star Amber Portwood was released from Indiana's Rockville Correctional Facility after 17 months behind bars Monday.

Her brother Shawn, with whom she is close, took to Twitter with an encouraging status update on his 23-year-old sister's release from the big house.

"Amber is out and looking better than she ever has because she is clean (of drugs) and healthy," her wrote. "It's time to start a new chapter. #Iloveyousis."

"I think I speak for everyone when I say we all are [rooting for her]," he replied to a tweet from Sharon Bookout, mom to Portwood's co-star Maci Bookout.

"But after spending the day with her I know she will be OK."

We all do hope that's true. But with a history like Amber Portwood has, it's far from a given. Can she make the most of this next chapter, as Shawn says?

She earned a combination of earned credit time for good behavior and completion of programs, which resulted in her period of incarceration being reduced.

That bodes well, given that 17 months is not a small length of time to be locked up, even if it's considerably shorter than her five-year prison sentence.

Still, it will take a major life turnaround to put this chapter behind her for good. Saying all the right things and doing them over time are very different.

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Amber Portwood: Can she stay clean?

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