Amanda Bynes to Be Released From Hospital By Christmas

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The long-troubled and hospitalized star Amanda Bynes will be back home in her own bed by Christmas if all goes according to plan, a new report indicates.

The 27-year-old's medications and psychological counseling have sufficiently stabilized her so her doctors will let her leave the Malibu rehab facility.

She's been held there, involuntarily, since September.

Prior to the Malibu location, Amanda was at the UCLA psychiatric ward, where she felt that the conditions were actually preventing her from improving.

Doctors will release Amanda to the care of her mom, Lynn, who will then take her to the family house in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and provide supervision.

The move will take place sometime next month.

Then there's this: TMZ reports that aside from the fact that the medication and therapy appear to be working, doctors fear that Amanda is going stir crazy. 

Because celebrity gossip photographers are hanging out at the facility waiting to get a photo of her, she's not even allowed to go outside for the most part.

That doesn't benefit the actress, or anyone else.

Amanda Bynes Topless

The staff is worried if Amanda Bynes is around other patients and pictures are taken, it will compromise the others, so being released might benefit her.

Think it's time? We can only hope, because it's been months since she saw the light of day, a fact that illustrates just how severe her mental issues are.

Bynes has schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


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