Duck Dynasty Scarecrow Stolen; Teen Arrested For Faux Uncle Si Kidnapping

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A 16-year-old male has been arrested in the case of a kidnapped Duck Dynasty scarecrow - a Si Robertson likeness - in Ball Ground, Ga. Yes, that is a real town.

The suspect was charged with theft after local police found the scattered and burned remains of the straw Si statue in the back yard of his home.

Here's what the scarecrow looked like before the incident:

Duck Dynasty Scarecrow

Ball Ground Police Chief Bryon Reeves said that after a thorough search throughout the town for the burgled Si, the case seems to have been solved:

"We discovered after an investigation that a juvenile had taken it. I made contact with the juvenile who lives a little further away and he admitted to taking it."

"It was nothing but ashes, it was completely gone."

City Manager Eric Wilmarth told reporters that the teenager's interest in the famous A&E reality show may have been his motive ... that and stupidity:

"He was just passing through downtown Ball Ground and thought Uncle Si was pretty cool and wanted him. [He] didn't think about the consequences."

"I am sure he didn't think there would be so much publicity."

As for how the suspect feels since being arrested?

"The young man has expressed remorse," said Wilmarth of the Duck Dynasty scarecrow theft. He is sorry. It's just one of those things you can't back up and undo."

Reeves said he had no intention of burning the scarecrow until the small town became abuzz with its whereabouts and he panicked, deciding to burn evidence.

It's sad, because the life-size statue - complete with Si's signature iced tea - took a group of fourth grade mothers from the town over 40 hours to complete.

Maybe there's still time for them to make a new one based on his beaver suit from last night's Duck Dynasty season finale? They have a full week ...