Revenge Season 3 Premiere Recap: Fear

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With a new season of red Sharpie marks and haute coutoure dresses, Revenge season 3 is back! New to the show this season? Justin Hartley.

Just what drama will another summer in the Hamptons bring? Read our recap below to find out! (And be sure to check out the Revenge review for a more in-depth discussion of the premiere.)

Victoria and Son
  • Time to Swim: In the opening sequence, Emily, in a wedding dress, drinking champagne, gets shot twice in the stomach and falls into the ocean. And then she wakes up poolside in New York City. Dream? Flash-forward? Who knows? Not me.
  • The Prodigal Son: While everyone else has been everywhere else, Victoria spent the hiatus in the Hamptons with her long lost son Patrick. They rode horses. She played piano. Charlotte called her Lady Chatterly and Oedipus jokes abound.
  • Charlotte! Charlotte! Charlotte!!: Charlotte whines about how they no longer own a home in Paris and she found out at 2 a.m. after taking a shuttle from Brussels. She's no longer pregnant and not all that mopey over Declan. She's still whiny, pouty, entitled Charlotte though. The more things change, you know?
  • Prison Break: Nolan's out of jail. His hacked Carrion program finally ferreted out and delivered up all remaining members of the Initiative and exonerated him. So now he and Ems and the rest of everybody everywhere vow never to say the words "Carrion" or "Initiative" again. Ever.
  • Just Jack: Jack and Carl spent the winter visiting family members, but now they're back at the Stowaway. Or at least Jack is back. Little Carl's whereabouts are up in the air. He faux-apologizes to Emily for ignoring her, kisses her, then breaks her heart into a million billion pieces. Not like she didn't deserve it a little, but yeah. And she has until the end of the summer to ruin the Graysons and get the heck out of dodge or he's going to expose her. So that's fun.
  • It's Her Party: Emily throws a Memorial Day Summer kick-off party for the Hamptons and unveils Conrad's Governor's portrait just as he collapses thanks to something she put in his water. They all go to the hospital where tests show Conrad has Huntington's disease and now he can't be governor anymore. There go his plans for world domination.
  • Teamwork: Emily and Victoria team up to take down Ashley, who tried to blackmail Emily. Meh.
  • Wedding Bells Are Ringing: Daniel and Emily set a date to get married. And Aiden returns with objections to their union. Objections which he takes to Victoria and not Emily. So that was nice of him.

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