Report: Ray J Restrained from "Disrespectful" Cops at Whitney Houston Death Scene

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According to a new report, Ray J absolutely lost it the day Whitney Houston died of a drug overdose.

Because he was distraught over the passing of his girlfriend at the time? Of course. But also because he allegedly overheard at least one police officer make disparaging remarks about the late singer.

Ray J on the Red Carpet

TMZ sources confirm that Ray J was standing outside the room when he heard laughter and some kind of rude comment, a story that jibes with someone else close to Houston complaining that an emergency responder was "talking trash" about her inside the suite.

Ray J tried to go after the inappropriate individual and tried to go after him on more than one occasion.

But he was restrained and removed from the vicinity.

TMZ also reports that a Beverly Hills cop filed a complaint with the California Labor Department, alleging that his sergeant pulled the sheet off of Whitney's corpse and remarked: "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?"

Other law enforcement officials deny this comment, or anything close to it, was made.

Ray J has not yet commented on the allegations, likely because he's penning another single about the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

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